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Feet Therapy

WoodenMassageSlipper.jpg Wooden Massage Slipper
According to Chinese traditional medicine theory, the aging of the body starts with the aging of the feet. It is easy to judge a person health by his walking speed: If he walks slowly or unsteadily, he must be weak or sick. If he walks fast and steadily, you can not help saying: " Oh, this guy is so energic and strong!"

So to maintain one's overall strength and health, he/she should first maintain strong and healthy feet. There are 68 acupuncture points located on the base of one's foot. These points are in charge of the functions of the various body organs. If people seldom move, the acupuncture points will age, affecting body organs and eventually the whole body.

The massage slippers, with their wooden soles, are developed based on this theory. The 136 wooden round tops on the sole massage every acupuncture points of the baseboard, thus strengthens the functions of the body organs.

Perfect for use in spas or as daily bath slippers. The sole is made of pure wood, and the straps are made of genuine leather.

ThenarSticker.jpg Thenar Toxin-discharging Foot Sticker
Discharge toxins, nourish Yin deficiency, treat rheumatism and strengthen kidneys. The result is improved beauty, relaxed muscles and soothed sleep and fatigue relief. Added benefit of a foot deodorizer.

25 pads in each box

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