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jiangya.jpg Blood Pressure (BP) Normalizer Tea
B.P Normalizer tea helps maintain normal blood pressure. Its main function includes clearing heat, calming the liver, nourishing kidneys, improving acuity of vision, and promoting the production of body fluids to quench thirst.

Pharmacological studies indicate that this tea not only has anti-hypertensive effects, but also possesses lipid, antiatherosclerosis, sedative, diuretic, antibacterial and age delaying effects.

24 bags per box

jiangtang.jpg Oolong Xiaoke Tea
MAGIC HERB TEA 3 Blood Sugar Reducer is composed of white fur Oolong tea, harvested from the famous State Scenic Resort located at the foot of the Taimu Mountains in China, and mixed with a variety of precious Chinese medicinal herbs.

MAGIC HERB TEA 3 Blood Sugar Reducer is a high quality drink best suited for diabetic and patients with hypertension.


  • Nourishes the stomach to promote the production of body liquids, supplementing QI and reinforcing the kidney,
  • Loosens the bowel to relieve constipation, relieving restlessness and stopping diarrhea,
  • Lowers blood sugar and lipids, and
  • Eliminates thirst and frequent drinking
Package: 24 tea bags per box

hugan.jpg Healthy Liver
Healthy Liver Tea relieves the liver, while regulating circulation and stomach qi. Used in prevention and treatment of acute and chronic hepatitis, disorders in the hepatic region, feelings of fullness and oppression over the chest and hypochondria, conjunctivas congestion and swelling pain, loss of appetite.

3.0g X 24 tea bags.

jiangzhi Hawthorn Berry Plus Tea
Magic Herb Tea 10 helps in maintaining healthy bowel function and manages body weight

24 tea bags in a box

Cautions: Contains sickle-pod senna which may act as a stimulant laxative.

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herbalcollection4.jpg Herbal Collection 4
For Cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure

100 tea bags in each box

lvchafen Green Tea Powder
Made with choice grade green tea leaves, grounded into powder

Natural food without any artificial additives

Net Weight: 225g (7.930z)

detoxguvatea.jpg De-Tox Guava Tea
For centuries, wild guava has been used in Chinese Traditional Medicine. De-Tox Guave Tea is made from the wild guava fruits and leaves found in the tropical areas. They are selected and processed to ensure quality and efficacy. A rich source of fructose and polyphenol, De-Tox Guava Tea is supplement to the needs of nutrition and sugar that required by the body. Contents: 2.5gX30 teabags.

linzhi ReiShi Tea
Improves immunity system.

30 tea bags in each box

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